The Nazis Tried To Take Christ Out Of Christmas And Out Of The School Classrooms Just Like The Democrats Are Trying To Do Today

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 Posted by Shattered Paradigm

New research has revealed just how far the Nazis went to attempt to take Christ out of Christmas and out of the school classrooms. The reality is that once one studies how obsessed the Nazis were with removing Christianity from public life, the parallels with the modern Democrat party in the United States become more than a little bit creepy.

This new research is being highlighted by a new exhibition at the National Socialism Documentation Centre in Cologne, Germany which features Nazi-era Christmas decorations complete with swastikas, grenades and the iron cross.

In fact, many of the Nazi-era Christmas carols that had Christ cut out of them are still sung that way today in many areas of Germany.

"I always thought that Unto Us a Time Has Come was a song about wandering through winter snow," 42 year old Heidi Bertelson told one major U.K. news source. "I didn’t realise that Christ had been excised."

The rewriting of the Christmas carols was actually quite intentional and was supervised by top Nazi officials Alfred Rosenberg and Heinrich Himmler. Their idea was to remove Jesus from Christmas as much as possible and to merge Christmas into "a Julfest", a celebration of winter and light which would draw upon pagan traditions.

But it was not just Christmas that the Nazis wanted to remove Christ from.

The Nazis wanted to remove Christ and Christianity out of every area of public life.

For example, when the Nazi party came to power in 1933 one of the very first acts of Hitler was to legalize abortion in Germany. By 1935 there were more than half a million abortions being performed in Germany every single year. In fact, Adolf Hitler was a massive fan of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood in the United States, and he worked hard to implement many of her philosophies in Germany.

So just how did the founder of Planned Parenthood feel about unborn children? The following is an actual quote from Margaret Sanger.....

"The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it."

Not only was Hitler radically "pro-choice", but he also wanted to remove all traces of Christianity from the public schools.

In his book "The Swastika against the Cross: The Nazi War on Christianity", author Bruce Walker does a great job of documenting how the Nazis declared an all out war against Christianity in Germany's public schools.

The following are just a few of the historical facts that Walker documents in his book.....

*Only clergymen were permitted to teach religious classes by the Nazis, and those clergymen were forced to teach those classes according to the strict instructions of the Nazi Ministry of Education.

*In the city of Wurrtemberg, when clergymen completely refused to follow Nazi teachings on religion, seven hundred of them were permanently banned from the classroom.

*Christian prayers were absolutely banned from all public classrooms in Germany by the Nazis, and all crucifixes and other Christian symbols were physically removed as well.

*By 1935, the rabidly anti-Christian leader of the Hitler Youth, Baldur von Shirach, issued an official regulation that prohibited any child from belonging simultaneously to a Christian youth group and the Hitler Youth.

*Eventually membership in the Hitler Youth became almost obligatory, and parents were told that their children would not get good jobs unless they belonged to the Hitler Youth and employers were told that they should not hire children who did not belong to the Hitler Youth. Thus Christian families were systematically discriminated against.

*Christian children who were not members of the Hitler Youth or its female counterpart were routinely beaten up by young Nazi thugs.

*Young boys inducted into the Hitler Youth were required to explicitly reject the Christian faith by being forced to recite oaths such as this: "German blood and Christian baptismal water are completely incompatible."

The more research you do, the more it becomes clear that the Nazis had the utmost contempt for the Christian faith. What follows is an actual example of a Hitler Youth slogan.....

"The Faith fanatics, who still to-day slide down on their knees with faces uplifted to heaven, waste their time in churchgoing and prayers, and have not yet understood that they are living on the earth and that therefore their task is of a thoroughly earthly kind. All we Hitler people can still only look with the greatest contempt on those young people who still run to their silly Evangelical or Catholic Churches in order to vent their quite superstitious religious feelings."

Still not convinced? The following are excerpts from Hitler Youth training manuals.....

“Christianity is a religion of slaves and fools.”

“How did Christ die? Whining at the Cross!”

“The Ten Commandments represent the lowest instincts of man.”

“Christianity is merely a cloak for Judaism.”

Are you starting to get the idea?

The Nazis hated the Christian faith.

In fact, the Nazi tract "Gott und Volk", widely distributed in 1941, described exactly how the Nazis envisioned their children being raised: "With parties and gifts the youth will be led painlessly from one faith to the other and will grow up without ever having heard of the Sermon on the Mount or the Golden Rule, to say nothing of the Ten Commandments… The education of the youth is to be confined primarily by the teacher, the officer, and the leaders of the party. The priests will die out. They have estranged the youth from the Volk. Into their places will step the leaders. Not deputies of God. But anyway the best Germans. And how shall we train our children? Thus, as though they had never heard of Christianity!"

Now why have we never been taught any of these things in school?

The truth is that the Nazis hated Christians, persecuted Christians, killed Christians who spoke out against them, and tried to eliminate every trace of the Christian faith from Christmas and from the schools all across Germany.

Now, can you think of anyone who is trying to take Christ out of Christmas today?

Can you think of anyone who is trying to take all shreds of Christianity out of the public schools?

Of course you can.

Modern "liberals" in the Democrat party talk really big about how "tolerant" they are in one breath, but in the next breath they viciously attack any whiff of Christianity in the public schools.

Liberals love to talk about how they love diversity, but at the same time they love to pass rules banning the display of manger scenes.

The truth is that liberals, Democrats and the ACLU are more than glad to embrace "diversity" as long as it has nothing to do with Christianity or Jesus Christ.

But when you stop and consider that the liberals of today are racing down the same path as the Nazis, all of this becomes more than a little creepy.

What is happening to America?


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