Marriage Communication Tips: Speaking Your Way To A Blissful Marriage

Monday, January 04, 2010 Posted by Shattered Paradigm

Speaking Your Way to a Blissful Marriage

Author: Jessica Reis

There are several words that could help improve your married life and make it a blissful one. Some of them are "may I help", "I am sorry" or the commonly used phrase, "I love you". There are other words to show you care and truly love the one you are with and perhaps the two most important words/phrases are shown below.

Children have been thought to speak kind words to each other as they grow up. Simple words, as they are taught, make what you say better and more personal. This is a lesson most married couples should believe and practice. These words help them getwhat they want without being too demanding and leave the one helping with a feeling of success.

Please - Still the Magical Magic Word

Please pass the rice. Please pick me up after school. Can I ride your bike please? The word "please" has been one of the truly magical words in the English language. It can turn a very thoughtless and rude order/command into a kind and polite request. It can turn what might be an altercation into a kind exchange of words. This simple word has the ability to make someone happy while helping you.

"Please" causes the person being requested to something to view the request not as a "command" but as something that needs his/her special attention and most people love the feeling of helping or and feeling that you are being asking for their help.This is important since every request is happily acknowledged and happily done. It is also important since you give the person an option to accept your request or deny it. It gives people more freedom and because they're happy with freedom, they tendto give in to whoever requested the help.

Parents try to instill this magical word in their children's vocabulary as soon as they learn how to speak. Children usually have a lot of things they can't do and usually ask for help from their elders. Imagine how it would sound without the word "please" and you'll find yourself shuddering at the thought of children ordering adults around. "Please" from a child usually makes older people happy to comply because the child is polite.

This is the same for married couples too. A simple "please" from your husband or wife is always better than a request without it.This simple word causes a lot of spats/fights to cease and will generally let your requests be granted by your partner. Thank You for saying "Thank You" As a child, most of us have been taught to thank everyone for their help. Whether it is a simple job like asking for a glass of water or a complicated one like asking for help with homework, the word "thank you" is uttered by a child's lips.

As adults, people tend to love children who know how to thank them and it always pleases them to help the children again the next time they need help. As children grow into adults, most people tend to forget what they have learned from their childhood. They ask for help, and whether the help was willingly or unwillingly given, no word of thanks can be heard. This can be a little disappointing for those who work not for money but for the sake of helping. As a part of a married couple, you have the ability to make work lighter. Once you see how hard your husband/wife labored to cook your dinner, just mutter a simple "thank you" while eating and all of his/her fatigue will disappear and he or she will be smiling the rest of the time you are eating. Those two words arep riceless and what they can do for someone else's spirits is astounding.

It is a simple thing to say these two words/phrases and it is probably the reason why most people tend to forget to say them. A simple "please" and a simple "thank you" can give your married life a boost and you will be surprised what it can for your marriage. There are probably other words but these two words/phrases are the two most important ones in marriage and everyday life.

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