3 Phone Tips For Keeping The Romance Alive In Your Relationship

Tuesday, December 20, 2011 Posted by Shattered Paradigm

Couples are always finding ways to keep their romance alive. Sometimes, the most unexpected methods work the best, and what is more unexpected than using a cell phone to keep love alive? Even better, almost everyone has a cell phone, since most phone companies offer free phones with new contracts. Indeed, there are many great ways to impress your spouse with a simple cell phone, but here are three of the best ways you can use a cell to keep the sparks sparking.

1. Send love notes in the form of a text

Both men and women love getting cheesy love notes. You can send these love notes to your partner in the form of a text. Now, you may be saying, "my phone only allows me to write a handful of words per text, and I write large love notes." In these instances, you can write your message in parts. When you are finished with one part, save that text in your drafts. Once you write all the parts, send the drafts one right after the other. Your spouse will get the love texts simultaneously.

2. Text them you're thinking of them

Your spouse wants to know that he or she is on your mind. You should always strive to text them to let them know that you are thinking of them. Just a simple text that says, "I'm thinking of you" is enough to keep love alive at times. Those words let your spouse know that you care, and if you certainly care, then shouldn't you let them know?

3. Send photos of what's happening in your day

Working can be tough for couples. If you work a full-time job, your spouse will probably spend their day missing you, wishing that you were there. If you send photos of what's happening during your day, it will help your spouse feel like they are with you. It also helps reassure your spouse that you are where you say you are, thus helping build trust.

Don't let your love slip out of your hands. There are always things you can do to keep love alive. Take these tips and start using them.


  1. Pamela Wilson-Lipscomb said...

    I remember when my husband and I were dating and we lived in different cities. There were no cell phones then and I remember walking a half mile to the 7-11 to talk on a pay phones. Today it is so easy to keep in touch and keep your romance alive! There no excuses not to, as you stated out in the article!

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