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8 Pillars Of Everlasting Relationship

By: Fortune Ezeoha

Putting the knowledge of 8 Pillars of everlasting relationship to work will without fail benefit you and your partner for an everlasting enjoyable relationship.

(1). Communication

Communication is the back bone of any relationship. Virtually every aspect of a relationship is touched by communication. It is of great importance to know how to communicate well and effectively. Every expression makes and impression. Positive comments help to keep relationship alive while negative comments drags relationship to the ground.

(2). Respect

This means accepting and loving your partner for the wonderful, unique human being they are. Respect who they are and don’t try to make them be like you, understand that the ways that they differ from you don’t need to be fixed. Your partner isn't your private property, it isn't conducive to a happy relationship to restrict their freedoms by treating them this way. Instead it is far better to encourage your partner to grow and become the person they want to be.

(3). Honesty

In a relationship, complete honesty is always needed. The principle behind it is that no one likes being lied to, and if a relationship is to flourish, it should be built on the foundation of honesty and integrity. This includes honesty to oneself, if you are not honest to yourself how can you possibly be honest to your partner. Make your word your sword, let your yes be yes and your no be no.

(4). Trust

Trust is creating a safe emotional space for your partner. Trust is something that can be cultivated and nurtured, one should continuously and actively work on building a safe emotional space. Your partner should be able to trust you completely with everything from the smallest detail up to and including trusting you with their life.

(5). Commitment

Commitment means being prepared to accept disappointments that can occur in a relationship, and finding an honest way to work it out. Those who become serious in a relationship without preparing for any problems, disappointments, or adjustments can experience increased insecurities or resentments that can affect the overall health of their relationship.

(6). Compromise

The single worst way to spoil your relationship is to be argumentative because you want to be right. This is DEADLY. Argumentative people will argue until they win. They will not listen and consider their partner's viewpoints and will rarely if ever compromise. Try not to get into silly, futile arguments and remember that winning arguments isn't the objective, but what is best for your relationship.

(7). Attention

Attention is placing importance to something or someone in your life. Keeping the spark alive in a relationship is something many couples fail to do. Contentment sets in, you start to take your partner for granted and gradually, the spark fades and dies. It's so easy to fall into the contentment trap and the result is you stop making an effort for your partner

(8). Intimacy

This doesn't only refer to sexual intimacy, but every thing intimate including letting down your security walls you have inside of you and letting your partner deeper than the surface level that you keep up to protect yourself from being hurt.

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