How To Relax When Your Kids Are Driving You Crazy

Friday, October 21, 2011 Posted by Shattered Paradigm

Parenthood is a state that comes with a divine experience in addition to all the screams and headaches and late nights sit ups and so on. It is true that children are cute and funny but they are naughty and painful too. It is very necessary for the parents, especially the mother to keep herself relaxed while dealing with her child. Relaxing while your child is driving you nuts seems to be impossible but following certain tips given below will definitely help you to relax and spend quality time with your child without frustration and helplessness:

1.    First of all you have to be very patient and disciplined. Children learn from their parents very soon. So, follow a routine. Do not give up too fast. To make your stubborn child listen to you will have to be consistent in giving efforts. Do not lose hope so easily. One day you will definitely achieve the skill of controlling the bad behaviour of your kids.

2.    Children need their parents’ attention quite often and when they do not get it they feel quite frustrated and do such kind of things which their parents do not like. So, give some time from your busy schedule to your children. Try to understand their needs and desires.

3.    Parents always want that their kids should behave like an adult. What they forget here is that kids do not have developed brain power and they cannot distinguish between good and bad. So, try to make them understand what is good and what is bad. Try to explain this to them through stories. As kids love listening to stories, this way can also be better utilized for spending quality time with your kids.

4.    Taking short naps with your child will definitely make you feel more relaxed. Moms often think to complete all the chores like laundry, cleaning the house or gardening while her kids are taking some sleep. Remember that work can be finished later. A powerful afternoon nap will let your frustration go away from you and when you get up you will feel more energetic to deal with your kids as well as your household chores.

5.    If your kids are behaving very badly and taking the house on storm then one way to stop them is to tell them to help you in some of your work. For example, you can tell your kids to help you in doing laundry by taking clothes from your bedroom to the washing machine or they can help you in gardening by watering the little plants. This way your kids will get engaged in some work and physical strain will tire them. Hence, they will not trouble you while eating and will also go to sleep soon making things better for you.

Shortly, we can say that relaxing while your kids are driving you crazy is not a difficult task. All you need is to apply some common sense and be patient while your efforts show some results. Children need care and love. Give them what they want but in a wise manner to make things easier for you.


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