The Average Mentality About Debt In America

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 Posted by Shattered Paradigm

Most people would assume that debt is a terrible thing. However, recent studies conducted on average Americans suggest that being in debt is quickly becoming a normal way of life for many people. In a child's life, he will probably receive a talk from his parents about the importance of only using credit cards in case of an emergency. The parents may also tell their child that he should do everything he can to avoid debt. However, in this recent decade, that mindset has changed.

Indeed, being in debt is almost patriotic to some Americans. It has become a part of the American lifestyle, but not without consequence. Being in debt is still doing much to the average person's temper, like sending many people into anger management classes in Philadelphia, for example, because of creditor harassment and extra charges. However, most people are willing to accept a life in debt.

Most people recognize that they must first become in debt to start to build any kind of acceptable credit. However, others also recognize that this means being in debt for a very long time. Over 25 percent of Americans have a credit score below 599, a score that is nowhere near what is considered a good score. 

One woman tried to live a life without credit cards and discovered that she was limited with her options. She discovered that she could not travel without first owning a credit card; she was even denied a cellphone plan. Other people discovered that they were able to receive higher credit limits and even take out mortgages as long as they paid their minimum payments. 

It seems that banks are willing to reward responsible credit card holders with a higher credit limit. Of course, many banks are still hesitant to loan money to people with poor credit, though some are willing to loan money with high interest. 

It seems that the American way is trending towards a lifestyle that was once greatly frowned upon. As the economy struggles to recover, millions of Americans are accepting their debt and, for some, even becoming proud of it. It is true that you must first be in debt to build credit. However, Americans should do the best they can to climb out of their debt hole.


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