Marriage: Then And Now

Sunday, September 09, 2012 Posted by Shattered Paradigm

Couples have been getting married for years now. The institution of marriage has always been one where relationships are recognized and two people declare their union together. The couple’s wedding day is typically one that is culminated with a big celebration of their love and commitment to one another. Many of the customs that we know and practice weren’t always done the way they are today. Here are some little known facts about marriages then and now and how they originated.

With this ring: The wedding ring is a symbol of a couple’s marriage. The act of giving a ring dates back to Roman times. The ring is placed on the fourth finger because the Romans believed the vein in this finger led directly to the heart. Some cultures, such as Ancient Egypt saw the wedding ring as a connection with their supernatural beliefs.

Carry me: The act of carrying the bride across the threshold is believed to have come from the groom attempting to protect her from evil.

Old, New, Borrowed & Blue: One of the oldest traditions, these items are usually good luck items given to the bride on her wedding day. The something old represents continuity, something new represents the future, something borrowed is a symbol for borrowing happiness, and something blue represents love and fidelity for the couple.

Word is Bond: Older times also saw an agreement between the two families. The groom would give a marriage bond to the court before his marriage. The bond stated the couple could be married and the groom would not rescind on his agreement. The surety was typically a relative of the bride such as the brother or uncle.

White Wedding: The tradition of the white wedding dress comes from Europe and is usually credited to Queen Victoria of England in 1840 when she decided to wear a white dress for her wedding to Prince Albert. Brides typically did not wear white before that wedding and instead wore a variety of colors. The style of a white wedding dress spread and is the norm today for most brides.

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